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Anonymous: I'm wondering today, on what would have been his 44th birthday, what River would be doing in his life had he not died so young. Surely he would be a world entertainment figure and very successful. We miss him still, and will always love him. Of course, he will be 23 until the end of days.

I know! I think about that too! I definitely think he would have had a very long successful career <33 

psychedelicdreamingx: Its Rivers birthday today <333

yesss river! <33 happy birthday!!!!!!

Anonymous: Do you think one day some of Riv's rare or unpublished photos will be released to keep his memory alive? I hope so. ;__;

hmm I’m not sure, but how wonderful would that be <3

Anonymous: I wanted to send a message to the anons that wrote you: I also discovered River when I was a teenager, and I was so inspired by him that it was incredibly difficult for me to accept that he was gone. I remember I used to cry almost every day. This was 10 years ago and I can certainly tell you it gets better. Time heals. You learn to move on. I still think about River almost everyday but I dont feel sad anymore when I think of him, I feel happy and grateful that he existed.

Aw you know, I feel the same way! I was 10 when I first watched stand by me and I was so sad to find out that River had died. But thinking about him now just makes me smile :) 

mystiquedea: Your blog is wounderful, It always makes me smile. River is light of my life, it's nice to see other people loves him as much as I do. Thank you for this little piece of River on my dashboard!

Aww thank you! I’m really glad you enjoy <3

Anonymous: Hi, I'm an italian girl and I'm 15. When I was a child I saw stand by me and last week I saw it again... Then I source in the net some informations about River, when I saw that he was dead I was shocked so I began to see all his films and now I love him and I often cry for his death... I just want to say thank you for your blog, it's really nice and there are a lot of beautiful River's pictures

aw thank you :) and I know! that’s why I made this blog..a little daily reminder of river <33

Anonymous: You know this might be weird but whenever I seek pictures of river I get so emotional and most of the time ending up crying, like I just wish he was still here, and it was such a waste of a perfect person, we all miss you river! Is that weird that I cry? Because I never knew him but I still feel like I did? P.s I love your blog, p.p.s I makes me cry haha xx

aww trust me, it’s not at all weird! it’s such an upsetting feeling to think about where river would be today! he had such talent and it breaks my heart that he died so young </3
and thank you!! :)